Welcoming the Kattoub Family

Refugee Cover Image

Please join us in welcoming the Kattoub family to West Hartford. The family, parents Anas and Arabia, their daughters, Hala (6) and Jana (4), and a son Abdalkader (5), arrived last Thursday at Newark Airport from Jordan by way of Frankfurt and were met by Nancy Latif who welcomed them on behalf of IRIS and both parishes, and then drove them to West Hartford. They arrived at their new home on Farmington Avenue late in the evening after traveling almost 30 hours to find an apartment, which had been furnished in just the two previous days, and a warm Syrian meal.

The past few days have involved a lot of cultural adjustment to everything, the beginning of English classes, and some needed rest. This week is dedicated to helping the family register for social services and health care as well as signing some of the children up for school. Work will also begin on helping the parents find employment.

If you are interested in volunteering in any area, please keep alert for any appeals that will be sent by email or announced on Sundays.

Thank you,

Nancy Latif, Jessica Henning, Rob Healy, Mark Proft