As parishioners at St James’s Church we are called to two missions, one inward looking and one outward looking. Our inward mission is summarized perfectly in the first page of our weekly bulletin; “we are a vibrant, inclusive, fun-loving, child-friendly community of faith”. St. James’s is a place where all people feel welcome and are loved and respected for who they are and where gender, sexual orientation, political orientation and financial status doesn’t matter. We come to St. James’s every Sunday to recharge our spiritual batteries that get worn down from the constant barrage of negativity, cynicism and ugliness that dominate the daily news cycle. Our liturgy provides us the opportunity to be reminded of Christ’s work and teaching and the importance of carrying that message beyond our walls and into the greater world.

Turning to the outside, our commitment to outreach continues to expand. Whether it’s providing food to our neighbors who are hungry, or providing warm clothing and toiletries to the homeless or helping refugees start a new life with us in West Hartford, we “seek and serve Christ in all persons”. Each week our Mission Commission offers us new opportunities to DWJD; Do What Jesus Did. It also allows us to be role models for our children, our friends and for anyone that seeks to learn how to convert their faith into action.

Please consider how you might give of your time, your talent, and your treasure to participate in God's mission through St. James's.