Families with children of all ages are welcome at St. James! We offer a variety of ways to involve children and youth in our parish life, as well as support families and connect them with each other. Below are links to pages that provide details on how children and their families can get involved at St. James. Due to Covid-19, services are currently not held in our main sanctuary or the chapel. An outdoor worship service will be held on the Walden side of the building each Sunday at 5:00pm beginning Sunday, August 9. Please bring your own blanket or chair, wear a mask and practice social distancing. Plan to arrive before the service begins so protocols can be followed appropriately.

Children in Worship

At the 9:30 service (currently suspended), children ages 4 and up gather at the back of the Church to process behind their own cross with the choir, clergy, and altar servers. The children proceed to our Parish Hall, where they have their own age-appropriate Liturgy of the Word (readings and teaching time). During the Passing of the Peace, they come back into church to participate in Holy Eucharist (communion) with their families.

If you would prefer to keep your children with you in church at any time, however, you are welcome to do so! Religious-themed coloring materials and crayons are available at both entrances. Parents are also welcome to join their children for the children's liturgy whenever they would like.

In addition, there is nursery care available in the basement of the parish house for children, birth to 3 years old. The caregivers will take your cell phone numbers in case you are needed. You are, however, welcome to keep your babies and toddlers in church with you as well. Nursery will not be offered at the outdoor 5:00pm service.


Baptism is a sacrament of the Episcopal Church, and St. James's regularly baptizes infants, toddlers, and older children. The Sacraments page provides more information about baptism in the Episcopal Church. If you are interested in having your child baptized at St. James's, please contact us.

Children's Summer Program

This summer our Director of Family Ministries, Priscilla Hooper, has offered an online summer program for the children. If you would like more information, contact Priscilla Hooper.

Fourth Friday Family Nights

Are you looking for something different to do with your family on a Friday evening? Come to Fourth Friday pizza night for families with young children. We meet in the dining room from 5:30-7:30 for pizza. Adults can BYOB and we'll have a kid-friendly movie set up in the teen room after the kids eat. This is a great opportunity for young parish families to get together and let their kids get to know each other better, too. We ask for a donation of approximately $5-10 per family to cover the cost of pizza. Because of Covid-19, Family Nights have not been scheduled to meet in the dining room at the church, however there are evenings planned to meet outdoors. Please email Kerri Raissian for possible upcoming dates and for more information.