Youth Group

Youth Group for the 2020-21 school year is currently being planned. Please check back soon for an update or contact Rev. Tim O’Leary for more details (

Confirmation Class

Confirmation is a ceremony that signals full participation in the life of the Church. As a confirmed person, one explores the art of sharing the Gospel with others: friends, family, neighbors, and strangers. Confirmation class starts with a simple and exciting question: what is the Gospel? Christians claim they have Good News to share with anyone who is willing to listen. What is this News and why is it Good?

Confirmation class will be discussion-based and include some central texts and questions from the Christian tradition. The goal is to create a learning environment that fosters questions, doubts, excitement, debate, discovery and reflection. Some of the questions we will consider are: who is Jesus? What is the point of prayer? What does the Gospel look like in practice? How do I read the Bible? What is the Church? What is Anglicanism? There will be an outreach component to the class which students will develop in conversation with Rev. Tim.

A main goal of the class is to provide the students with a time for fellowship and reflection during an unusually isolating time. The class is not intended to replicate routine academic work; its purpose is to allow the students time to pause and reflect.

Class Schedule* - all classes held on Sundays
*Subject to change

Class #1
September 20

Class #2
October 4

Class #3
October 18

Class #4
November 1

Class #5
November 15

Class #6
November 29

Class #7
December 13

Class #8
January 10

Class #9
January 24

Class #10
February 7

Class #11
February 28

Class #12
March 7

Class #13

March 21