Keeping Up With Bob

Our rector, Bob, left for his Andean adventure on Monday. Since then, he has updated his blog several times. Check out his photos and hear about his experiences thus far. Also, pray for him as he begins the physically challenging part of his trek.

My Andean Adventure Begins

"...I love to travel, I love to walk, I love to experience new and very different places but most of all I love having a wife who understands me, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer blah blah blah…"

Thank God this is Not a Land of Guns and Fences

"...So on the way from one site to another I saw something off the trail that caught my eye so I went to investigate, turned out to be just a small ruin. To paraphrase the movie masterpiece that is Apocalypse Now, “Never get off the trail..."

Special Dinner Addition

"Cuy (Guinea pig, just like the one that kept getting loose when you were a kid)), marinated and roasted to crispy served with and huacatay (black mint) sauce, rustic coriander and yellow mashed potatoes and an arugula, andean roasted corn and water crest salad."

The Wounds of Jesus and Thin Places

"...As I was walking through the slums of Cusco, Peru, a taxi driver pulled up and asked if I needed a ride. I said 'no gracias/ no thanks, I like to walk.' His response was a common one, 'why...'"