Youth Group

High Schoolers have the opportunity to attend Second Sundays at St. James’s, our youth group program, when we gather to engage in service and community-oriented events and activities. We've toured behind the scenes at Bradley International Airport, gone ice skating in Bushnell Park, and served lunch and coffee with Church by the Pond. Our Youth Group dates for 2017-18 are as follows:

September 10th, Scavenger Hunt (5:30-7:30)

October 29th, Halloween Party (5:30-7:30)

November 12th, "Church Street Eats," Feeding Ministry at Cathedral (11:30am-1:30pm)

November 12th, Commando Church (5:30)

December 17th, Christmas Caroling/Festive Dinner (5:30-7:30pm)

January 15th, MLK Day of Service (10am-2pm)

January 21st, Movie Night (5:30-7:30)

February 11th, Sardines (5:30)

March 10th, Catholic Worker (10am)

May 20th, Pentecost Party (11:30am)

Sunday School & Confirmation

On Sundays when there are education offerings for all ages, high schoolers gather in the youth room after our 9:30 service to have fun, build relationships, and enhance each others' spiritual journeys. This is a safe space for them to honestly engage each other, bearing their joys, questions, and doubts about God and religion. Some session are more instructional while others are intended to be fun. These serve as our confirmation program, and much of the content is derived from the "Confirm not Conform" program. Below are our high school formation dates for 2017-18:

September 24th, The Gospel According to New Orleans

October 15th, Is Something Wrong with the Prosperity Gospel?


October 29th, DC 2018 Q&A

December 3rd, Burger King Mom

December 10th, Standing at the Corner of Church and State

December 17th, Serial Charity to Just Society

February 4, Preparing for Lent

February 11-March 18, Justice for the Poor