Clergy and Staff


bridge15The Reverend Robert C. Hooper III


The Rev’d Robert C. Hooper III (“Bob” – please) and his wife Priscilla have been married since 1988 and have three children and two very large Labrador retrievers. Bob received a B.S. in business/marketing from New England College in 1987 and a M.Div. from Virginia Theological Seminary in 1995. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1996 after seven years in the brokerage and banking industry in New York. He has served parishes in both Northern Virginia and suburban Boston before coming to St. James’s in 2002 to serve as rector.

The Reverend Curtis Farr

Assistant Rector

The Rev’d Curtis A. Farr (Curtis) came to St. James’s in May of 2013 to serve as assistant rector. He and his husband Antonio were married at St. James’s in August 2014. Antonio is a freelance wedding and family portrait photographer. Before seminary, Curtis earned a B.A. in English from Washington State University in 2009 and then spent a year teaching English in Quito, Ecuador. He received his M.Div. from Virginia Theological Seminary in 2013 and was ordained to the priesthood that June. He is passionate about preaching, teaching, writing, pastoral care, and building strong and sustainable youth ministries. Curtis holds community “office hours” at Starbucks on LaSalle Road in West Hartford Center on Wednesdays from 3-5.

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Associate Clergy

St. James’s is fortunate to have a number of Episcopal clergy who are members of the parish and who assist the staff clergy in a variety of ways.

The Reverend Canon Douglas T. Cooke, Priest Associate

The Reverend Dr. Molly O. Louden, Priest Associate

The Reverend Dr. Borden W. Painter, Priest Associate

The Reverend Elsa Walberg, Priest Associate

The Reverend Terry M. Wysong, Priest Associate


Mrs. Cheryl C. Batter, Parish Administrator

Mrs. Heidi Cotter, Financial Secretary

Mrs. Priscilla Hooper, Director of Religious Education

Mr. Vaughn Mauren, Organist and Choirmaster

Mr. Randall Martini, Sexton

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